Technical Articles / Literature

  • 5 ways a laboratory double planetary mixer can save you money
    The double planetary mixer is a highly versatile piece of process equipment. At the R&D level, it offers several advantages that can save time and money. This bulletin discusses 5 unique benefits of the double planetary mixer.
  • Turnkey Mixing Systems
    Turnkey systems range from simple laboratory mixers equipped with one or two auxiliary equipment to more complex packages capable of high speed, multi-recipe production. It helps to work with an experienced supplier capable of providing a full range of testing, engineering, design and manufacturing services.
  • Conserve raw materials in a scalable R&D mixer.
    Scalable mixing equipment allow R&D scientists to conserve expensive ingredients while following a repeatable, consistent agitation method that can be easily replicated in pilot or production scale. This bulletin presents some R&D mixers and their smallest recommended batch volumes.
  • Create smooth, speck-free pastes in your Three Roll Mill.
    Across the process industries, Three Roll Mills are used to achieve a high quality dispersion in pastes, gels and other semi-solids. Suitable applications include medium to high viscosity materials that cannot be adequately dispersed in conventional high speed mixers.
  • Best practices for safe and efficient three roll milling
    The three roll mill remains to be one of the best methods for preparing very fine particle dispersions. This bulletin discusses some best practices to help users operate the three roll mill safely and efficiently.
  • Fast and efficient discharge of viscous, sticky mixtures
    Platen-style discharge systems used with change-can design mixers can significantly improve production speed, efficiency, cleanliness and plant safety.