Discharge Systems

 Follower Plate Discharge System

Follower Plate Discharge Systems are used to discharge viscous non-flowing materials from the vessel of a Change Can Mixer. A discharge platen, which is lowered by means of a hydraulic cylinder, pushes out the contents of the vessel through a discharge valve which is normally located in the bottom of the mix vessel. The valve can also be located in the platen itself if desired.

Discharge Systems are built in either standard floor mount or raised designs. Designs are available from 1 pint through 500 gallons capacity. Special metering systems are available to assist in the accurate filling of small containers or cartridges. Sanitary models are built with stainless steel enclosures for use in critical operating environments.


 4 Gallon Discharge System with Flow Control

4 Gallon DIscharge System
This system includes a control panel and a high pressure positive displacement pump to feed materials, ata controlled rate, to a downstream process.

 2 Gallon Discharge System with Mixer on Common Bench

2 Gallon Discharge & Mixer
The discharge system is often combined with a mixer on a coommon bench assembly. The mix can is easily moved on ball casters to the discharge press.

 2 Gallon Sanitary Discharge System with Mixer on Common Bench

Sanitary Discharge Syatem
Discharge systems and mixers are constructed of stainess steel or other special alloys. Special finishes are available for easy cleaning